A downloadable Quantum Runner

Quantum Runner is a new age endless runner with a futuristic look and large doses of adrenaline. The speed and jumps are vertiginous and contains difficulty levels for all types of players. It is addictive! ¿Can you overcome the challenge?

Unforgettable moments await you. You can compete against yourself or try to beat your friends' times in the Hall of Fame!

Quantum runner also has a range system. Show your skill and you will be rewarded. If it was not enough Quantum Runner also has triumphs (system of achievements) with which to show off your epic feats!


  • 5 difficulty modes: 4 + 1 incremental mode
  • Personal scores and global accumulated statistics
  • Hall of Fame: Get the record at any level and all your friends will see it!
  • Two different restart modes: Random Map or Play Last Map.
  • Play with keyboard and mouse (configurable if you like) or your favourite Gamepad (the control and the force feedback are sensationals).
  • Current implemented languages: English and Spanish
  • Control the sound, the graphics quality, and even the amount of brightness of the emissive lights :)

If you like my game and want to support my work please consider donating $1.

You can download Quantum Runner totally free and enjoy the game at 100% (until final release all levels are unlocked by default for your enjoyment). At this time I accept donations because Quantum Runner is still under development by me (one person) and whatever your help will be invested in finishing the game's sound, improving the visual appearance and add new functionalities!!

Squeeze the most out of Quantum Runner and let me know if you liked it! :)


Quantum Runner 715 MB

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